Unite has not and does not support increases in the state pension age. We do support longer working lives, and labour market policies to promote opportunities for older workers, but believe that the State Pension should be there to support those whose circumstances do not allow them to continue working. 

 The Government has accelerated the rise in State Pension Age

  • The increase in women’s State Pension Age to equal that of men has been accelerated so as to complete by 2018 
  • State Pension age will rise to 66 by 2020 (instead of 2026 as previously planned) and to 67 by 2028 (instead of 2036)
  • Further increase in State Pension Age, beyond 67, linked to future projected increases in life expectancy are planned but subject to a Review 

As required by the Pensions Act 2014 the government has undertaken a State Pension Age review and published its conclusion in July 2017. The maijn conclusion of the review is that the State Pension Age should increase to age 68 between 2037-2039. 

  • Unite research briefing - review of state pension age - July 2017 update – download below
  • Unite has made a submission to an independent review which the Government has undertaken to consider in conducting its own review – download below
  • The Independent review has issued a final report to Government, which is summarised in a Unite Briefing – download below