Unite Wales Mental Health Toolkit & Workshops

This guide has been commissioned by the Unite Wales Disabled Members committee in recognition of the increasing number of workers who have reported experiencing mental health problems. It has been developed by Unite in partnership with the Wales TUC and Gofal using information and research from numerous resources, all of which are credited throughout.

This guide provides information on supporting members with mental health issues in the workplace and practical steps that and be taken by Unite reps and employers to promote a healthy workplace. We recognise the growing pressure on reps to support members with mental health issues at work, this toolkit is designed to support you in this process by advising you how to signpost members to the appropriate support whilst you assist them with any employment issues.

It is important for reps feel able to have boundaries and refer members onto professionals. It is also paramount that reps feel they can look after their own mental health in what can at times be a stressful role.

Following the success of the workshop earlier this for reps, we are running 2 more 3 hour workshops for unite reps run by Gofal.  The dates of these will be:

11th October, Flint, 1pm

2nd November,  Cardiff, 1pm

To register for these workshops please email, Mel.whitter@unitetheunion.org

You can download the toolkit below, we have both English and Welsh versions available. 

Hard copies of these toolkits are available from the regional office.