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Andy Pearson, education & development organiser  
T: 0113 236 4830   F: 0113 236 4831 
Unite the Union, 55 Call Lane, Leeds LS1 7BW 
Email the North East, Yorkshire & Humberside education team 

New reps induction training 
This course has a duration of 10 days and is delivered either one day per week for ten weeks. Alternatively it is delivered as two five day blocks. The course is designed for all new representatives (Workplace Reps, Health and Safety Reps, Union Learning Reps and Equality Reps). This course is designed to give all representatives the same skills and knowledge needed to carry out their elected posts within the workplace.  Please note that, when booking the five day block courses, you should book part one and part two at the same time 

Venue Start End Pattern
Leeds         08-Jan-18      12-Mar-18 10 Mondays 
Leeds     03-Apr-18 05-Jun-18 10 Tuesdays 
Leeds 17-Sep-18 19-Nov-18 10 Mondays 
Leeds 19-Mar-18 23-Mar-18  Part 1 - 5 day block 
Leeds     02-Jul-18 06-Jul-18 Part 2 - 5 day block 
Leeds 10-Sep-18 14-Sep-18 Part 1 - 5 day block 
Leeds 10-Dec-18  14-Dec-18 Part 2 - 5 day block
Sheffield 09-Jan-18  13-Mar-18  10 Tuesdays 
Sheffield 04-Apr-18 06-Jun-18 10 Wednesdays 
Sheffield 18-Sep-18 20-Nov-18 10 Tuesdays 
Sheffield 19-Mar-18 23-Mar-18 Part 1 - 5 day block 
Sheffield 25-Jun-18 29-Jun-18 Part 2 - 5 day block 
Hull 08-Jan-18  12-Mar-18  10 Mondays 
Hull     19-Mar-18  23-Mar-18  Part 1 - 5 day block 
Hull 16-Jul-18 20-Jul-18 Part 2 - 5 day block 
Middlesbrough 19-Sep-18 21-Nov-18 10 Wednesdays 
Middlesbrough 15-Jan-18 19-Jan-18 Part 1 - 5 day block 
Middlesbrough 12-Feb-18 16-Feb-18 Part 1 - 5 day block 
Middlesbrough 12-Mar-18 16-Mar-18 Part 2 - 5 day block 
Middlesbrough 11-Jun-18 15-Jun-18 Part 2 - 5 day block 
Middlesbrough 01-Oct-18 05-Oct-18 Part 1 - 5 day block 
Middlesbrough 10-Dec-18     14-Dec-18 Part 2 - 5 day block 
Newcastle  03-Oct-18  05-Dec-18  10 Wednesdays 
Newcastle      22-Jan-18  26-Jan-18  Part 1 - 5 day block 
Newcastle  19-Feb-18  23-Feb-18  Part 1 - 5 day block 
Newcastle  19-Mar-18  23-Mar-18  Part 2 - 5 day block 

Union Learning Reps - Stage 2 

Venue Start End Duration
Leeds      23-Jan-18  27-Mar-18  10 Tuesdays 
Sheffield 11-Oct-18  20--Dec-18  10 Thursdays 
Hull  11-Apr-18 13-Jun-18 10 Wednesdays 
Newcastle  04-Jun-18 08-Jun-18 Part 1 - 5 day block 
Newcastle  23-Jul-18  27-Jul-18  Part 2 - 5 day block 
What is a union learning representative?

The primary duties of a union learning representative are:

Promoting Learning

- promote learning opportunities
- identify members' learning needs
- give support to members to help overcome barriers to learning
- signpost or refer to other sources of advice, support and learning opportunities
- work with learning providers

Work with Unite

- work with other reps embedding learning into Unite's work in your workplace / branch
- identify opportunities to use learning as an organising tool
- link to branch and wider Unite structures
- gather, record and collate information for branch, learning organiser, etc

Raise learning issues with the employer

- develop an awareness of Government policies and priorities
- find out about skills required within local/sector labour markets
- work with the employer to improve learning opportunities
- negotiate around learning and skills as part of the bargaining process

ULRs have the same statutory rights as all workplace reps.  The Employment Act 2002 states that:

- learning representatives should be given reasonable paid time off to carry out their duties and undertake training
- union members are entitled to unpaid time off to consult their ULR where the union is recognised for collective bargaining purposes

ULRs have a place in Unite's structure:

Rule 18.1 - At each workplace the members employed at that workplace shall elect from amongst themselves, at least every three years, one or more of the following representatives:

- shop stewards/workplace representatives
- safety representatives
- learning representatives
- equality representatives
- environment representatives