These courses have been scheduled in addition to our core education programme.  Choose a course and click here to apply for a course online

Andy Pearson , education & development organiser  
T: 0113 236 4830   F: 0113 236 4831 
Unite the Union, 55 Call Lane, Leeds LS1 7BW 
Email the North East, Yorkshire & Humberside education team 

Pensions Stage One

This course is designed for all elected representatives who have an interest in, or a role as, a pensions representative on behalf of their members at work. 

Venue Start Date 
End Date 
Leeds      09-Jul-18  13-Jul-18  5 day block 
Middlesbrough  01-Oct-18  05-Oct-18  5 day block 

Legal Clinics 

The clinics are designed to keep elected representatives up to date with changes in employment law, legal practices, health and safety, and other key legislative changes that affect your members.

Leeds  15-Mar-18  Sickness Absence 
Leeds  28-Jun-18  H&S, accidents and dismissal 
Leeds  20-Sep-18  Discrimination 
Leeds  06-Dec-18  Legal update 2018 
Middlesbrough  22-Mar-18  Sickness Absence 
Middlesbrough  21-Jun-18  H&S, accidents and dismissal 
Middlesbrough  27-Sep-18  Discrimination 
Middlesbrough  29-Nov-18  Legal update 2018 

Gender Pay Gap and Public Sector Equality Duty 

Newcastle  16-Apr-18 
Middlesbrough  17-Apr-18 
Sheffield  28-Mar-18 
Leeds  29-Mar-18 
Hull      02-Jul-18 

Political Education 

Leeds  26-Mar-18 
Sheffield  27-Mar-18 
Hull  28-Mar-18 
Middlesbrough  29-Mar-18 
Newcastle  06-Apr-18 

Mental Health Awareness 

This course is designed to introduce the topics of stress, anxiety and mental ill health. 

Leeds  10-Jan-18 
Leeds  16-Jul-18 
Leeds  04-Oct-18
Sheffield  18-Jan-18 
Sheffield  02-Jul-18 
Sheffield    11-Oct-18 
Hull  25-Jan-18 
Hull  03-Jul-18 
Hull  17-Oct-18 
Middlesbrough  08-Feb-18 
Middlesbrough  09-Jul-18 
Middlesbrough  25-Oct-18 
Newcastle  01-Feb-18 
Newcastle  10-Jul-18 
Newcastle  08-Nov-18 

Mental Health First Aider Course 

This course is open to those who representatives who have completed the one day Mental Health Awareness course.  Through this course you will gain valuable knowledge and skills that will enable you to identify the early signs of mental ill health, provide help to prevent mental ill health from getting worse and recover more quickly, and reduce the stigma of mental health problems. 

Start Date 
End Date 
Newcastle  05-Mar-18  06-Mar-18 
Leeds  13-Mar-18  14-Mar-18 
Hull  26-Mar-18  27-Mar-18 
Middlesbrough  09-Apr-18  10-Apr-18 
Sheffield  10-Sep-18  11-Sep-18 
Leeds  08-Nov-18  09-Nov-18 
Hull  27-Nov-18  28-Nov-18 

Mindfulness Awareness 

This course is designed to introduce representatives to mindfulness techniques for dealing with stress, anxiety and build mental resilience in your day to day life.

Sheffield  04-Mar-18 
Leeds  11-Jun-18 
Hull  18-Jun-18 
Newcastle  25-Jun-18 
Middlesbrough  26-Jun-18