London and Eastern Courses

Courses available to reps, activists and members in the London and Eastern region

New Qualification! 
Reps 1A&B and Reps 2A&B plus H&S 1A&B and H&S 2A&B 

These are National Open College Network (NOCN) accredited certificates - a higher qualification than before. This is a 10 day certificate run over two 5 day modules.  Reps have to complete both parts A&B of the 10 day course to receive their qualification and certificate. 

Danny Freeman, Education & Development Organiser   T: 020 8800 4281   F: 020 8802 8388 
Unite the Union, London Regional Office,  33-37 Moreland Street, London, EC1V 8BB 
Email the London & Eastern Education Team

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Take a no deal Brexit off the table

Millions of livelihoods and the future of manufacturing communities across the UK are hanging in the balance. The game of playing roulette with people’s lives needs to end. A no-deal Brexit needs to be taken off the table and a deal secured which ensures an on-going customs arrangement and tariff free, frictionless trade secured."

Unite's Steve Turner