EC election results

The following members were elected to serve on the Executive Council from 1 May 2017 – 30 April 2020.The election of a new Executive Council has been postponed due to the covid19UK pandemic. 

A full list of the 2017-2020 Executive Council can be found below.

Industrial sectors 2017-2020 
Sector Members
Automotive Industries  John Cooper, Stan Ruddock & Ken Smith
Aerospace & Shipbuilding  Phil Entwistle & Tam Mitchell
Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals, Process and Textiles Cliff Bowen
Civil Air Transport  Jas Gill, Trudi Lanigan & Nigel Stott
Community Youth workers and not for profit  Ruth Hayes
Docks, Rail, Ferries & Waterways  Andy Green
Education  Philippa Marsden
Energy and Utilities  Tim Davison
Engineering, Manufacturing and Steel  Howard Turner, Paul Welsh & Tony Pearson 
Finance and Legal Lindsey Adams, Dawn Jackson & Fiona Tatem
Food Drink and Agriculture   Donna Donnelly, Neil Durkin & Neelam Verma
Government, Defence, Prisons & Contractors   Chris Cadman 
Graphical Paper and Media & Information Technology  Tom Murphy
Health  Suzanne Abachor,  Jasmin Suraya  & Steve Thompson
Local Authorities  Dick Banks & Jennifer Elliot
Passenger Transport  James Mitchell & Simon Rosenthal
Road Transport Commercial, Warehousing & Logistics  Mick Casey & Dave Williams
Service Industries  Howard Percival 
Unite Construction, Allied Trades and Technicians 

From former UCATT: Andy Jones, Jamie Bramwell, Stuart Grice & Trevor Simpson
From Unite: Roy Bentham, Frank Morris, Tony Seaman & Joe Pisani 

Regions 2017-2020 
Region Members
East Midlands  Steve Hibbert & June Shepherd
Ireland  Noel Gibson & Therese Moloney
London and Eastern  Kwasi Agyemang-Prempeh, Richard Allday, Tracy Coxhill & Suzanne Muna 
North East, Yorkshire and Humberside   Kate Osborne & David Smith
North West Mary Callaghan, Barry Knowles and Tony Woodhouse
Scotland Eddie Cassidy & Ann Crozier
South East Joyce Still & Mark Wood
South West Tracey Blythe & Jayne Taylor
Wales Wendy Gilligan & Alan Reilly
West Midland Julian Allam, Kelly Gillespie & Maggie Ryan

National constituencies 2017-2020 
Role Members
National Black or Asian ethnic minority seat       Susan Matthews
National women’s' seat Jane Stewart
National disabled members seat Sean McGovern 
National LGBT members seat Jenny Douglas
National Young members seat Alexandra Haworth
EC observers 
Observer Name
Retired members' observer   Phil Wiseman
Gibraltar observer Christian Duo

To contact the Executive Council please either send an email  or write care of the general secretary who will forward any post received - Executive Council, c/o General Secretary, Unite the union, Unite House, 128 Theobald's Road, London, WC1X 8TN.