Health Sector Contacts

The Unite Health sector office is based at: 

Unite the Union 
Unite House 
128 Theobald's Road 

Acting National officer Jackie Williams  
National officer     Colenzo Jarrett-Thorpe 
020 3371 2009 
National sector - secretary Amanda Cass 020 3371 2009 
Lead professional officer Obi Amadi 020 3371 2015 
Lead Professional Officer for Regulation  Jane Beach 0121 647 4834 
Lead Professional officer Gavin Fergie 07980 237024 
Lead Professional officer Dave Munday
0161 669 8701
Lead Professional officer - education Ethel Rodrigues 020 3371 2013
Press officer (for journalists only)  Shaun Noble 020 3371 2060
Research Officer James Lazou 020 7611 2504
National Sector - secretary Irene Fynch 020 3371 2006
National Sector - secretary Leona Sanders 0161 669 8701




Take a no deal Brexit off the table

Millions of livelihoods and the future of manufacturing communities across the UK are hanging in the balance. The game of playing roulette with people’s lives needs to end. A no-deal Brexit needs to be taken off the table and a deal secured which ensures an on-going customs arrangement and tariff free, frictionless trade secured."

Unite's Steve Turner