This new sector combines the Graphical, Paper & Media sector with the IT & Communications sector. It covers workers in the UK and the Republic of Ireland who are employed in the graphical, paper and media industries, including both production workers and administrative staff, and a wide range of members in the information technology and communications industries.

In papermaking, members produce all forms of paper products including printing papers and personal healthcare products.

In printing, members produce and design commercial print, magazines, newspapers, books, catalogues, security and currency products and direct marketing.

In packaging, members manufacture flexible packaging, cartons and containers for food, beverages and pharmaceutical products.

In addition Unite covers workers in publishing, electronic media, advertising, warehousing, distribution of newspapers and magazines and the manufacture of print consumables such as ink and plates.

In information technology Unite members provide everything from software development, design, desk support, servicing and systems development in IT companies, telecommunications and electronic data processing and storage sectors. Unite also represents skilled technical staff in the broadcast media.

Louisa Bull, national officer