This sector combines the Vehicle Building and Automotive sector with the Motor Components sector to form one sector for the whole of the UK automotive industry - from the design of vehicles to roadside rescue and repair. The sector is vital to the success of the UK economy. In the UK we produce over one million cars and commercial vehicles, and over two million engines annually, with a turnover of £40 billion, exporting vehicles to China, Russia, and South America.

Unite members design and manufacture cars, vans, trucks, buses, coaches, taxis, construction and agricultural vehicles. Unite represents members working in the supply chain, including the design, production, manufacture, warehousing and installation of parts and components for all vehicles including installation of windscreens, exhausts, navigation, illumination equipment, breakdown recovery and repair of all types. Unite also covers agency workers, apprentices, trainees, supervisors and managers in vehicle manufacturing companies.

Unite has members in all the main vehicle producers and the supply chain in the UK and Northern Ireland, including global companies such as Ford, General Motors, Toyota, Honda, Nissan, Rolls Royce, BMW, Leyland Trucks, Bentley, Wrightbus, Caterpillar, Delphi, TRW, Johnson Controls and many of the 2000 plus companies in the sector.

Tony Burke, AGS responsible for oversight and co-ordination