Abolishing Non-Dom status – why it’s the right thing to do

08 April 2015
By Jennie Formby, Unite political director

Today Ed Miliband and Ed Balls launched their policy on scrapping ‘non dom’ tax status to ensure that super-wealthy individuals can no longer avoid paying tax in the UK.

There has been much talk about a so called ‘gaffe’ by Ed Balls following a BBC interview in January where he is recorded as saying this policy "would end up costing Britain money" because people would leave the country. But he goes on to say “we should be tougher”.

But Ed Miliband has quite rightly dismissed claims that this quote undermines Labour’s pledge to get rid of non-dom status. Since January the party has worked hard to find a way to abolish it that would not lose money, something that has been confirmed by independent experts, so it wasn’t a gaffe at all. Surprise, surprise; more Tory propaganda in the media.

The Guardian has a good leader on the policy today – they say ‘Good Riddance- and you can read why they think that here: Good riddance

And have a look at this clip of Richard Bacon (Tory MP candidate) at the Public Accounts Committee who was furious with a representative from HMRC: “You’re surprised that people think there’s one set of rules for the rich and one set of rules for someone else when you’ve just told us exactly that there is”….have a listen for his pay off! Watch Richard Bacon at the Public Accounts Committee.

Robert Peston’s blog is also worth a read on whether or not the super-rich would leave; like most of us, he’s sceptical.

So it seems we’re not the only ones who agree this is a good and workable policy; many independent voices agree with us. It’s quite rightly designed to make the super-rich pay their way in the UK and once again demonstrates there is only one choice in this election - to vote Labour on 7 May.