Unite in Parliament

The Unite group in Parliament is made up of MPs and Peers who are members of Unite. The group meets on a regular basis to discuss industrial campaigns and political issues important to Unite members, and works together to Unite in Parliamentmake sure these issues are properly represented in Westminster. This can be done in a number of ways, including asking parliamentary questions, applying for debates in Parliament, and briefing the government and MPs on particular issues.

If you would like to raise something with the group in Parliament, please contact your industrial or regional political officer. Rachael Maskell and Grahame Morris NHS Reinstatement Bill

The members of the Unite group executive are:

Grahame Morris MP (Chair)
Rachael Maskell MP (Secretary)
Lindsay Hoyle MP (Treasurer)
Kate Osamor MP (Vice-Chair)
Lisa Nandy MP (Vice-Chair)
Liz McInnes MP (Vice-Chair)
Ian Mearns MP (Vice-Chair)
Dawn Butler MP (Vice-Chair)
Lord Doug Hoyle (Vice-Chair) Rachael Maskell MP and Grahame Morris MP