Unite supports members who are looking to become Labour councillors and through the 'Councillors Network' provides briefings, support during campaigns and guidance for members who have been elected.

It is a key part of Unite's political strategy that Unite members are engaged with the Labour Party and are putting themselves forward to be councillors and MPs. But Unite also represents many thousands of members who are employed by councils - directly or indirectly - and by working with Labour councillors we can promote the best employment practices and get the best deal for members.

Above all, the objective is to create an active and strategic network of councillors, coordinated by individual councillors in key areas and supported nationally, to enable us to work towards delivering our policies and strategy. 

Part of the national support for the network is to provide regular briefings to councillors on a range of issues affecting Unite members. You can find a range of these below. 

For more information, particularly if you are a Unite member and a Labour party councillor, please contact Tom Warnett.