On 8 June, VOTE LABOUR because life is TOUGHER under the Tories

When the Tories are in power, it is the few – the rich and powerful - who benefit. For the rest of us, Tory rule means life just gets tougher. The Tories plans mean that ordinary people will continue to suffer. Don’t sit this election out. Vote for the only party on your side. Vote for the only party who will take on the Tories. On 8 June, VOTE LABOUR

Here's why life is TOUGHER under the Tories

Work doesn’t pay: UK workers have suffered the most sustained fall in living standards since records began. Wages today are worth LESS than in 2007. Rising inflation is pushing up food and living costs. Millions of public workers – nurses, carers, teachers – are enduring a decade-long pay cut. Nurses are now among the growing numbers of working people turning to foodbanks.

Insecure work is on the rise: Nearly one million workers are on zero hours contracts. One in ten UK workers is in insecure low-paid self-employment. A steady income, basic employment rights, pensions and security are denied to more and more working people. The Tories have no policies to create decent, secure work.

Foodbank Britain is on the rise: 1.2 million foodbank parcels were given out to people in need over the past year by one foodbank charity alone. 436,000 food parcels were given to children. Chaotic, cruel Tory changes to the incomes of those in and out of work are blamed for the huge surge in foodbank dependency.

Our NHS is NOT safe in Tory hands: By forcing the NHS to make £20 billion in savings – i.e cuts - by 2020, the Tories have driven the service into crisis. Life-saving health services face closure. NHS staff wages, cut by 17 per cent since 2010, have been cut again. Highly trained staff are leaving the service. The target of treating patients within 18 weeks of referral, missed for 11 months, has now been axed.

Our elderly are being failed: Because of Tory cuts, many councils are at breaking point. The social care system is on the verge of collapse. According to Age UK, nearly 1.2 million people aged 65+ don’t receive the support they need with essential daily living activities. That’s one in eight older people living with an unmet care need.

Our children are being failed: Tory cuts are ruining our children’s chance of a decent education. Instead of investing in all our schools, the Tories will invest in the few through elite grammar and wasteful free schools while the majority of children endure rising class sizes and cuts in teaching staff.

Under the Tories, child poverty grows : By 2020, 3.6 million UK children will be living in poverty. In a class of 30, 9 children will be living in poverty. 2 in 3 children living in poverty are in a household where a parent works. Childcare and housing costs are two of the main reasons children are pushed into poverty; both have risen under the Tories.

Under the Tories, public debt swells: The Tories have missed all their targets – on welfare spending, debt and running a surplus by 2020. They’ve ditched the targets, but not the austerity which kills economic growth. Government debt now swells by £64 million a day (Feb 2017).

A Tory Hard Brexit threatens jobs and communities: The British people voted to be out of Europe, not out of work. But Theresa May refuses to commit to securing the Brexit trading arrangements on which millions of UK jobs depend. Key industries such as autos, engineering, food production could be devastated.

Your pension is not safe under the Tories: The Tories plan to raid pensions after the election, refusing to back the triple-lock which guarantees the state pension increases each year by inflation, average earnings or 2.5% – whichever is highest. Labour has pledged to keep the triple-lock and protect pensioners.

The Tories will drop a Tax-Bombshell on working people: The Tories have refused to rule out increases in income tax, VAT or national insurance, meaning that taxes for people on average and low pay will increase.

Bad bosses let off the hook by Tory policy: Thanks to the Tories, employment tribunal fees cost workers seeking justice £1,200 each. As a result, ET claims have fallen by 70 per cent. At the same time, the Tories have attacked the trades unions with needless, backwards laws designed to stop them sticking up for 6 million working people.

Affordable homes are becoming a dream: Average house prices are now at least seven times people’s incomes. Rents can consume around half of wages. Families who need help to pay their rent will have to find hundreds of pounds extra every month now benefits have been cut - or face eviction. Under the Tories, fewer housing association homes are being built. In 2016, only 2080 council homes were built in the whole of England. The Tory promise to build more council homes comes with no new money.

Don’t sit this election out. Vote for the only party on your side.