Welcome to Unite Politics, where you can get involved and be heard!

New members can opt-in to Unite’s political fund that pays to campaign on issues that matter to our members. For better pay and employment rights, to defend our NHS, schools and our public services; for decent homes and better childcare, dignity in retirement and to be the voice against all discrimination.

Unite is a fighting back union. We fight back for our members regardless of the party in government - though of course we were very disappointed by the result of the General Election. 

Despite this, in the Leadership election that followed Unite members took part in their thousands, enthused by the chance to engage in a genuine debate about what and who Labour stands for, and the sort of nation we want modern Britain to be.

Following extensive consultation with lay members, Unite backed Jeremy Corbyn so we were delighted when he was elected with nearly 60% of the vote. 

Welcoming the result, Len McCluskey said:

The Corbyn team deserves particular credit for inspiring young and old alike, for pointing the way towards how Labour can transform itself to once again be the people’s party.
Voters can now look at Labour and see, unquestionably, that it stands for fairness, justice, peace and strong communities.  It is the party of hope, ready to take on a government hell-bent on making life worse for ordinary people.
The task now for all of us who support Labour is to back the leadership team, to unite, to turn to face the Tories and hold them to account.  It is what the voters expect, it is the way back to power and it is the duty of those at all levels of the party to deliver.

Unite’s political strategy encourages all members to get involved and play their part, so we can deliver on the four key elements agreed by our Executive Council:

  • Winning working people for Labour – encouraging members to get involved at all levels of the Labour Party so that it is truly representative of our society

  • Winning Labour for working people – making our voice heard on the policy issues that are most important to ordinary people, their families and their communities

  • Building a broad alliance to beat the Tories – working with other like-minded groups who support our values to fight back against cuts and austerity

  • Most importantly – winning a Labour Government that governs in the interests of working people.

These pages will give you regular updates and resources to help you get involved, including joining forms for Unite members (who can join Labour at discounted rates); simple guides to explain Labour Party structures and processes, and information about Unite events and political schools.

Contact us if you want any more information - and if you haven’t already, you can get involved immediately by signing up as an affiliated supporter. It’s free for all political levy payers and simple to do.

Anneliese Midgley 
Unite Political Director