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History of Unite



Unite is a modern trade union for the 21st century, democratic and responsive to member's needs.


Visions and goals

Unite's vision is of a prosperous society in which employers and employees work together to build successful businesses and safe, healthy working environments. All those who contribute to their success receive the rewards, respect and recognition they deserve.


A message from the general secretary

Unite is a union establishing new traditions and structures relevant to the needs of our members who are currently experiencing life in the modern workplace.



The Unite Policy Conference is the supreme decision making body of the union held every two years, and is made up of around 700 lay members from Unite's 20 sectors and 10 regions and equality structures.


Keep in touch with Unite

You can keep in touch and engage with Unite in a number of different ways:.


Ten good reasons to join Unite

Here are ten very good reasons to join Unite


Trade Unions Know Your Facts From The Fiction

Fiction: Trade Unions aren’t for people like me  FACT: Unless you win the lottery or have millions in the bank, the chances are you’ll spend roughly a quarter of your life at work because that is the only – legal – way to earn money.


Your Union on your mobile

Members can receive all the latest news, campaigns and events direct from Unite. Locate and contact information for your local office and update your membership details. Information about your union will be accessible right at your fingertips, wherever you go!


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