The Labour party must be better than the Tory party when it comes to funding transparency and trust, the general secretary of the country’s influential Unite union, Len McCluskey, said as he addressed the Oxford Union this evening (Wednesday).
Following the publication by one candidate, Rebecca Long-Bailey, of the list of donors to her campaign, among which is Unite, Len McCluskey has appealed to LIsa Nandy and Keir Starmer to follow her lead.
McCluskey hailed the move as responsible and transparent saying: “This is the week where Labour members can start casting their votes for the next leader so it is vital that members have all the information they need to inform this vital decision.
“Trust in politics and politicians is essential, which is why it is really important that all the leadership candidates declare where their campaign money comes from. 
“In the Labour party, there should be no secret financiers sitting in the shadows. 
“So I appeal to the other candidates, follow Rebecca’s lead - publish your donor lists too.  It cannot be that we can find out more easily about the millionaires and billionaires happy to open their wallets for Boris Johnson and his Tory party at their black tie ball but we are in the dark about who is funding two possible Labour leader candidates.
“I hope Lisa and Keir will act on this so that Labour really can be the party of transparency and trust.”
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