Speaking after Jeremy Corbyn's speech to the Labour party conference in Brighton today (Tuesday 24 September, 2019 ), Len McCluskey, leader of the giant Unite union said:

"These are extraordinary times and this has been an incredible conference.  From tackling the climate crisis to rebuilding manufacturing to ending the indecency of food poverty, Labour has again and again stepped up with a message of hope for the people of this nation.  It has been inspiring.

“Labour’s commitment that desperately needed medicines will be made affordable for patients who are suffering because some drug companies abuse their relationship with the NHS is truly ground-breaking.

"Quite clearly Jeremy Corbyn is hungry to serve, leading a Labour Party with so much to offer this country.  His Labour is determined to stop the needless misery that a no deal Brexit will visit on jobs and the vulnerable. And only Corbyn seeks to heal the Brexit divisions while the Tories and LibDems are determined irresponsibly to  exacerbate them.

"Labour would actually end austerity, not just pay lip service while our public services crumble under a decade of deliberate decay, mending its wounds and transforming our nation so we can be proud world-leaders in social justice once again.

"Jeremy Corbyn’s dignity and decency shone through today.  What a contrast with the scoundrels occupying number 10 at the moment.  

“When the moment comes, and it will be soon,  Corbyn and the Labour family will sweep the Tories from power so that they can do no more harm - and the urgent work of building a better country with nobody and community left behind begin.

“This will be the fight of our lives, but we are ready for it.”


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  • Unite is Britain and Ireland’s largest union with members working across all sectors of the economy. The general secretary is Len McCluskey..