WHEN: Friday 29 November 2019, 09:00
WHERE: Two Sisters, Glendale Avenue, Sandycroft Industrial Estate, Deeside, Clwyd, CH5 2QP, Wales

Unite will bestow the very dubious honour of awarding the Two Sisters poultry factory in Deeside a ‘Golden Toilet’ as workers step up their campaign to make the toilet facilities fit for purpose and ensure workers are treated with dignity.

Hundreds of workers employed by one of the UK’s biggest food companies supplying KFC and Sainsbury’s are up in arms, claiming an atrocious standard of toilet facilities at the food factory in Deeside where hygiene is critical.

Workers also claim management has been timing loo breaks and on a number of instances staff claim they have been refused permission to use the toilet.

Workers lodged a collective grievance with the company back in September this year, management said it would action the workers’ complaints by the end of October, but almost no action has been taken by management at the company’s largest poultry site.

Unite regional officer Brian Troake said: “It’s shocking that we have a situation where workers handling food are having to fight for toilet facilities that are fit for purpose. The Deeside factory is Two Sisters’ biggest poultry site but workers are alarmingly claiming that at times there has been no hand soap or paper towels. There must be no more delay. Management must act and fix these dismal and worrying working conditions at its site in Deeside.”

2 Sisters supply restaurants and supermarkets including; KFC, Aldi, Asda, Nandos and Sainsbury’s from the Sandycroft site in Deeside.

Basic facilities fundamental to hygiene are lacking including;

  • No operational hand dryers
  • Toilets often not being stocked with hand towels and soap
  • A failure to employ two cleaners focused on cleaning the loos
  • A failure to complete a toilet cleaning rota on a daily/hourly basis
  • No proper signs translated into appropriate languages
  • A failure to scrub the floors regularly
  • The drinking fountain regularly has no cups

The site in Sandycroft, Deeside, Wales employs around 800 mainly migrant workers. This is the largest and primary poultry site in the 2 Sisters group. The site slaughters, cuts and packs poultry. The site chiefly deals with standard birds with one million birds processed each week. Additionally, Sandycroft receives birds from other poultry plants for cutting and packing.


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