Today, 18 November 2019, senior employee representatives from across Europe met with management, who presented proposals relating to the transformation programme. The employee representatives and management agreed that this informal meeting was not part of the European consultation process, which would not begin until the full EWC meeting on the 27 November.

On 27 November the transformation programme proposals will be presented to the TSE EWC. Following that meeting the EWC will issue a communication to all employees. The senior representatives made it clear to management that the national consultation processes cannot conclude before the European consultation process has been finalised including an analysis of the proposals by independent experts.

The employee representatives would like to be clear that, while there are challenges across Tata Steel Europe, this transformation programme is a direct result of Tata’s failure to deliver the joint venture with ThyssenKrupp and the complete absence of any plan B. We firmly believe that employees should not pay the price for Tata’s failures, and we oppose compulsory redundancies in the Netherlands, the UK and elsewhere in Europe.

Frits van Wieringen,       Roy Rickhuss
Employees Chairman of the EWC     Secretary of the EWC