Sharon Graham, Executive Officer for Unite with responsibility for automation said: “John McDonnell's announcement of the Skidelsky inquiry into shorter working time is very welcome. We need to ensure that working people are at the centre of this debate .
“A new wave of automation is coming. Millions of jobs and the future of work itself could be at risk. We need a radical response to the new realities of the labour market. This challenge is beyond the old politics - tinkering at the edges is not a solution.
“The next generation of technology will also generate wealth and this needs to deliver for ordinary people, not just make bigger profits for corporations. We need powerful unions to fight for that to happen. The gains from technology should be used to change the lives of working people for the better and shorter working time is one example."
Labour have commissioned Robert Skidelsky to undertake an inquiry into Shorter Working Time. Lord Skidelsky’s recommendations will inform the Labour Party’s policy development on working time reduction and how Britain’s workers face the challenges of automation.


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