Argos warehouse workers employed by Wincanton in Kettering, Northamptonshire are getting a 19 per cent pay increase thanks to Unite negotiations.

In 2017, 145 workers were transferred from Magna Park in Leicestershire to the Argos site in Kettering. The workers transferred to the Kettering site on higher salaries which created an unfair two tier workforce which threatened unity and morale amongst the 300 workers.

But the workers’ union Unite successfully negotiated pay upwards to achieve parity between the two groups of workers in a deal which means the lower paid workers’ will get a 19 per cent increase by 2022. It means that a typical worker’s pay, who was on the lower rate, will increase from £10.00 an hour to £11.88 an hour. The remaining workers also received a payment worth 6.0 per cent.

Unite regional officer Mick Orpin said: “Union negotiators did a fantastic job in difficult circumstances to ensure workers were treated fairly after an unsettling company restructure.

“The union has now negotiated parity for the workforce by securing a 19 per cent pay increase for the lower paid workers. The remaining workers also received a payment worth 6.0 per cent and they overwhelmingly supported the deal. It now means the workers are strong, organised and united thanks to their union Unite.

“This was a complex set of negotiations but the deal delivers for the entire workforce. The work of Unite representatives demonstrates the value of having a strong recognised trade union at a time when insecure work is on the rise.”


Unite is a union that campaigns for and delivers better pay and conditions for its members. Unite is winning at work based on three core values. Secure Work: fighting for jobs and job security, Strong Voice: a union which is a respected voice at work and Decent Pay: a union focused on pay and conditions.

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  • Unite is Britain and Ireland’s largest trade union working across all sectors of the economy. The general secretary is Len McCluskey.