Responding to the announcement that British Steel is undergoing a ‘streamlining process’ with a proposed reduction of 400 jobs, a spokesperson for the National Trade Union Steel Coordinating Committee said: “This announcement will come as a body blow to the workforce who have already made huge sacrifices to make the business sustainable.
"We recognise these are challenging times for UK steelmakers, and it’s high time the government stepped up and delivered for us by supporting investment in strategic steel assets.
"However it is particularly disappointing the company has chosen to cut jobs so soon after celebrating a second successful year and first quarter profits of £21 million.
"The company must now comply with its European and UK consultation obligations and present the detail behind the proposals to employee representatives.
"Throughout the consultation process the trade unions will challenge every job reduction and seek to mitigate the impact of the company’s proposals on our members.”

The National Trade Union Steel Co-ordinating Committee comprises representatives of Unite, GMB and Community