Responding to reports that the government is to review council youth work statutory guidance as part of its civil society strategy, Unite national officer Colenzo Thorpe-Jarrett said: 

“At last the government is listening to what Unite and others in the sector have been saying for years about the value and cost effectiveness of statutory youth services.

“It’s just a shame that it has taken so long and comes when local youth services service have been slashed to the bone and over 600 youth centres have shut as a result of this government’s austerity driven squeeze on council funding over the past eight years. 

“Let’s hope it’s not too late for the government to turn things around now, because our young people deserve so much better. They should not still be paying the price for the financial crisis, a decade after the crash. 

“Unite is urging the government to beef up statutory youth work framework provision and give young people a firmer voice on youth provision in their local areas. It also needs to fund councils properly and provide ring-fenced funding to reverse the damage it has caused.”

Council spending on youth services in England has been cut by £400m and £39m across London since 2010. 


For more information please contact Unite campaigns officer Chantal Chegrinec on 07774 146 777.