In conversation with Len McCluskey

In conversation with… Len McCluskey

Edinburgh Fringe, New Town Theatre, 96 George St, Edinburgh, EH2 3DH

Monday 12 August 11:00-13:00

Britain’s most influential trade union leader Len McCluskey talks about the industrial and political challenges of leading over 1.2m members as general secretary of Unite the union; a campaigning 21st-century organisation fighting for justice and fairness in the workplace. His early working life in the militant Liverpool docks forged his political views and prepared for a lifetime of struggle [and a lifetime of supporting Liverpool FC]. 

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#WeBuiltFord #AdeiladoddNiFord

Things can grow from a footprint. The minute it leaves Bridgend there’s nothing left for Ford in Wales. We built Ford. We built it. They [Ford] didn’t do it. These people behind you built it.” 

Peter Hughes, Unite Wales secretary