Heart Unite heart unions

Heart Unite Heart Unions

Get set for the 10-16 February 2020 - ❤️ Unions week is back.

Union members from across the UK are taking part in the TUC's fourth annual ❤️ unions (heart unions) week from the 10 to 16 February, celebrating all that is great about trade unions. This is the chance to celebrate our successes and share the stories of Unite members, reps and activists highlighting the amazing work done in workplaces and communities up and down the country. Unite wants your stories to inspire a new generation to join our great movement - the trade union movement.

To order a supply of the Unite branded materials listed below, go to https://print.unitetheunion.org. You will need a Unite email address and budget code or speak to your regional office.

Be a ❤️ Unite champion. Get your branch, workplace and colleagues involved and start spreading the ❤️❤️❤️.

Take a no deal Brexit off the table

Millions of livelihoods and the future of manufacturing communities across the UK are hanging in the balance. The game of playing roulette with people’s lives needs to end. A no-deal Brexit needs to be taken off the table and a deal secured which ensures an on-going customs arrangement and tariff free, frictionless trade secured."

Unite's Steve Turner