Tick Tock climate change crisis

Back the #GlobalClimateStrike

Unite is proud to have presented the motion to TUC conference - passed unanimously -calling for a 30 minute work day action to coincide with the Youth Climate Strike on Friday 20 September. Unite assistant general secretary Steve Turner, moving the motion, explained that climate change is the biggest challenge to our generation, and is a union issue because it is a class issue, riven with inequality and leaving no part of the economy untouched.

"Unite calls for creative and thoughtful discussions on climate change, with trade unions acting as leaders not victims. We are proud of our children taking to the streets and have committed to take whatever solidarity action we can on Friday 20 September" –Steve Turner

We therefore ask all Unite members to organise to support the 30 minute work day campaign action. Young people have asked us to support them on 20 September - we ask all Unite members and reps to organise to do that and turn TUC words into campaign action.

  1. Organise: Your workplace
  2. Involve: Get your employer onside
  3. Demonstrate: Stop work for 30 minutes
  4. Publicise: Share a selfie on social media
  5. Energise: Share with the #ClimateChange community
  1. UN climate report 2018 gives us 12 years to cut emissions by 50% to avoid catastrophe
  2. 10% of the world’s population will be climate refugees by 2050, with rising sea levels and crop failure
  3. We’re the first generation to know what we’re doing and the last generation to be able to stop it.
  4. Just 100 companies are responsible for over 70% of the greenhouse gas emissions on the planet
  5. Our carbon emissions continue to go up, despite global government pledges
  6. 200 species go extinct every day, 1000 times the natural rate
  7. A rubbish truck of plastic is dumped into the ocean every single minute
  8. We’re in an emergency, we need unprecedented global action
  9. By 2048 there will be no fish left in our oceans at the current rate of over-fishing and pollution
  10. Young people, with more of their life ahead of them, have the most to lose from an unsafe future

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Whichever way people voted in the #Brexit referendum, they did not vote for our democracy to be shut down and to lose their jobs. The prime minister should call a general election rather than silencing parliament to push through a disastrous no-deal Brexit."

Len McCluskey, Unite general secretary