St Mungo’s rally

Unite in St Mungo’s

Unite is in dispute with St Mungo’s over 10 key issues related to senior management’s attempts to get rid of an agreement and reinstate ‘race to the bottom’ terms and conditions.

St Mungo’s isn’t listening:
  • It wants to rip up the five year old junior staffing cap agreement;
  • It’s sticking with an unfair sickness policy –a policy which effectively punishes staff for being sick;
  • It’s refusing to take action to curb the draconian use of discipline, despite Helen Gilles admitting there’s a problem;
  • It has reduced annual leave for a significant number of members;
  • It’s refusing to back down on plans to make all staff sign ‘declaration of interest’ forms, regardless of whether they have anything to declare.

For a full briefing of all ten issues please read the Unite in St Mungo's newsletter Feb. 2019. For Unite's position on the junior staffing cap plans please read this bulletin

Your union now needs you to be vote ready to defend your T&Cs.

Strike action is always a last resort. We will only ever trigger a ballot when all avenues of negotiation have been exhausted. And with senior management refusing to budge, we need to be ready.

Help us show senior management how serious you take their attack on your T&Cs.

Send a message@
Please use the form below to tell Robert Napier, chair of the St Mungo’s board why you would vote ‘yes’ for strike action if you had to. Your details will be kept completely confidential. Unite will compile your messages and send them to Mr Napier, anonymously.

Send a message to the board chair of St Mungo's.

Tell the chair of the board, Robert Napier what it’s really like to work for St Mungo’s, and why you would vote ‘yes’ for strike action to protect your T&Cs.

#WeBuiltFord #AdeiladoddNiFord

Things can grow from a footprint. The minute it leaves Bridgend there’s nothing left for Ford in Wales. We built Ford. We built it. They [Ford] didn’t do it. These people behind you built it.” 

Peter Hughes, Unite Wales secretary