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Unite at Pizza Express

Pizza Express is currently in financial trouble.This is a worrying time for the 14,000 workers employed by the company, some of them Unite members.

Pizza Express workers are not alone. Unite is on your side, ready to support you in these tough times.

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Pizza Express is lining up for a debt restructuring, which could lead to:

  • Attacks on your terms and conditions, a cut in hours, loss of workplace perks and more;
  • Restaurant closures and redundancies;
  • Takeover by another company and transfer of your employment;
  • Pizza Express being put into liquidation and everyone losing their job, as happened at Jamie’s Italian.

Unite is the leading union for restaurant workers, we will do all we can in the coming days and weeks to support workers, but there are a few things you and your colleagues can do now to get organised:

  • Join Unite:
  • Get your colleagues in Unite:
    The more Pizza Express workers who are members the more effective we can be in protecting your interests.
  • Make sure you have a copy of your contract, your payslips, P60, a record of hours worked and any accrued holidays owed - you may need them as evidence in any legal claims.
  • Join our WhatsApp Group: Send us your authority and mobile number to be added to our local groups across the country.
  • Come to our meetings: In the coming days we will be organising mass meetings with those workers affected through the WhatsApp groups.

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