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Toilet Dignity

When nature calls getting access to decent toilet facilities shouldn’t be a lottery. But for thousands of Unite members working in all sectors of the economy from bus and lorry drivers to construction workers, spending a penny is a pressing problem.

Unite is campaigning for decent toilet and washing facilities as a right for all workers. Help us out by rating your workplace loo by using the form below. 

Help us name and shame the UK’s worst workplace toilets

  1. You use them, now take minute to ‘rate your workplace your loo’ –use the form below, or

  2. Share your story and send us a picture of your offending workplace loo at

  3. Help spread the word: speak to your colleagues about the campaign, put up a poster in your workplace and share on your social pages. 

What we want to achieve with toilet dignity

  1. Employers must provide decent and adequate toilet and washing facilities – regularly cleaned, well maintained, fully stocked (loo roll/ soap/running water);

  2. Adequate access for mobile workers such as lorry and bus drivers;

  3. A change in the law to give workers the right to go to the toilet without loss of pay, being timed; being monitored, having to ask permission or a lack of access;

  4. The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) to do more to enforce the law on the health and welfare provisions and ensure that employers are providing welfare facilities.
    You can remain anonymous but your stories will be used to highlight the serious health risks and humiliation that go with a lack of toilet dignity. It will also help us put pressure on employers and the government to clean up its act.

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If you have any concerns about a lack of toilet dignity in your workplace please speak to your Unite representative or officer. 


Rate your workplace loo

Should your employer be on the loo roll of shame? Help us name and shame employers providing no toilets at all or very poor ones.
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1 = very bad; 3 = average; 5 = very good

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