Our NHS faces another wave of drastic cuts, privatisation and reorganisation. This is going to have a massive impact on patients and staff alike. We must fight to STOP them. 

Join the fight to Save Our NHS 

Wake-up call 
Under the banner of Sustainability and Transformation Plans (STPs) and the Five Year Forward View (5YFV), NHS England plans to reorganise the NHS again, creating chaos and making it far easier to privatise, while simultaneously driving through huge cuts to services. 
The Governments NHS Sustainability & Transformation Plan (STP’s) or Slash, Trash & Privatise programme has the potential to change our NHS beyond recognition. They are:

  • being conducted in secrecy,
  • with no consultation of patients or staff,
  • not based on clinical evidence,
  • driven by £22bn of cuts,
  • resulting in massive centralisation of NHS services
  • leading to closures, reconfigurations and privatisation. 
Unite believes that our NHS must be:  
  • universally available and free at the point of use
  • publicly accountable, publicly funded and publicly run
  • clinical driven and evidence led 

With YOUR help we can STOP this 
We can only do this with your support and if we all stand together. 

Here's how YOU can get involved: 
- Spread the word on social media #StopSTPs  #SaveOurNHS 

- Support the NHS Reinstatement Bill 

- To find out more about the Save Our NHS campaign click here. 

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