Unite’s Save Our Scotch campaign was launched at the Unite Scottish policy conference in October 2017.

The campaign aims to stop increasing parts of the production process being offshored which could lead to hundreds, if not thousands of job losses over the next decade.

Unite has already taken this issue to Holyrood and Westminster. We have also set up a petition that so far has over 2000 signatures.

The campaign is based upon protecting jobs, protecting the product and safeguarding jobs for the future.

Single malt whisky is protected by a Geographical Indicator status; The same protections given to Champagne in France and Melton Mowbray pies in England.

All parts of the process; bottling, labelling and packaging must be carried out in Scotland.

Blended whisky does not have the same protection. It can be bottled anywhere in the world, and increasingly it is.

Bulk whisky is now exported for processing to over 50 countries world-wide including India, Malaysia, Thailand, Columbia and Equador.

The whisky is then blended with other spirits or with local water from that country.

Unite would like to see the protections given to single malt extended to all whisky distilled in Scotland, and blended using Scottish water. If the demand is for Scotch whisky to be blended with another spirit, bring that spirit to Scotland.

We have skilled and experienced workers in the industry that we know do the job day in day out in the production of single malt. Those same workers should be working on the production process for all blended bulk whisky too.

Bringing these processes back to Scotland would bring job security and provide a real future for the workers in the industry in Scotland.

New distilleries are opening up at a fast past which is good news for Scotland. But they employ very few people. The industry and the economy rely on the workers who make the bottles, print the labels and design and make the packaging. Together they create a product that is the envy of the world. We want to keep it that way.

Let’s keep the pressure on the companies and the politicians.

Sign the petition. Keep these jobs in Scotland. Save Our Scotch.