Fears are growing that manufacturing giant Rolls Royce is looking to cut 'up to 8,000' UK jobs

The coronavirus global pandemic has the potential to devastate UK manufacturing. Rolls Royce is just the latest company to signal that troubled times lie ahead. 

But Unite is calling on the company to `hold firm', to avoid short-term action which could hamper its emergence from the COVID-19 crisis ready to play its full part in developing the industrial strategy to develop and deliver the jobs of tomorrow.

We know that these are times like never before. We understand the challenges to our industries from COVID-19 but we say to Rolls Royce, step back from drastic responses.  Work with us to shape a positive future for a world-class business, our highly skilled workforce and our communities.   

Our economy is changing and our manufacturing sector has to be in a fit shape to rise to these challenges. The demands of climate change and major public infrastructure projects will require engineering solutions. UK manufacturers will have to diversify production to meet national demands. 

The best of British manufacturing, including Rolls Royce, is exactly the sort of research and development, design and engineering expertise possessed our new world needs.

COVID-19 has exposed dangerous weaknesses in the resilience of UK manufacturing from PPE to ventilators, automotive components to the goods necessary to meet the climate emergency.

Now is the time for action and to support, an industrial strategy to put Britain back to work, to put our engineering excellence and manufacturing capabilities centre stage, manufacturing it here at home.