Bus driver with PPE mask

Please sign and share: Extend the bereaved family payment to UK bus workers now

To: Grant Shapps, Transport secretary

Every bus worker who loses their life because of coronavirus deserves to get the £60,000 life assurance cover alongside NHS and social care staff.

Dozens have tragically lost their lives. They are going above and beyond the call of duty. It is only right that their families are given the same financial protections.

Help support bus workers and their families.

Extend and increase the bereaved family payment now.

Why this matters?

Bus workers are risking their lives for us.

They are essential frontline workers who take NHS and care home staff to their jobs every day. Tragically 34 transport workers have died doing their job because of Covid-19. 34 families have lost a loved one and a breadwinner.

The very least the government can do is make sure their families receive the same financial protections.

Bus drivers and their families must not be forgotten and nor should all the other key workers who are risking their lives for us.

Many of them feel that their exclusion from the life assurance scheme is yet another example of them being chronically overlooked during the pandemic.

Help show them this isn’t true.

£60,000 is simply not enough to replace a lifetime of lost earning.

Extend and increase the family bereavement to all key workers now. 

Reasons for signing
They are another group of 'forgotten' frontline workers...Jenny F.
The very least we can do is make sure their families are given some financial support to recognise their sacrifice. But £60k really isn't enough...Chantal C.