Save RSPCA jobs

Petition: RSPCA, Stop The Job Cuts!

To: RSPCA CEO, Chris Sherwood

For the love of animals, SAVE RSPCA JOBS

Mr Sherwood – if you took the time to talk to your staff at the RSPCA, they would tell you they don’t do their job for the money. For them it’s all about their love of animals, which is why the charity’s decision to sack frontline vets, inspectors and close animal clinics in the middle of a pandemic is not just hard to take….

It’s cruel.

Please stop and think again. Protect the people who protect the animals.

We recognise that the pandemic has reduced the charity’s income but the RSPCA has a substantial £60m in reserves – use them to save jobs and protect animal services.

Stop the sackings, let your staff do what they do best – protecting animals and stop trashing the Society’s good name.

It’s time to listen to your staff and work with the union to find a constructive way out of the charity’s short-term crisis.

What's going on? 

Back in August, the 196 year old animal charity announced that it was cutting 279 job cuts and closing four animal clinics.  Staff are now living in fear of losing their jobs and in some cases their ‘homes for life’ in the middle of the worst health crisis for a century. Read more...

The RSPCA is in crisis. The list of management failures is growing. Four senior executives in the RSPCA’s leadership have announced they are leaving. Bullying and harassment of the union’s members is rife.

Chris Sherwood needs to get around the negotiating table before he does any more damage to the charity’s reputation.

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