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This July – as Boris Johnson became the UK’s prime minister - Unite led a delegation of manufacturing members in a lobby of MPs from all parties. Unite members from British Steel, GKN, Rolls Royce and Airbus spoke with one voice to tell the politicians that a no deal exit from the European Union would destroy our jobs and communities.

Unite assistant general secretary Steve Turner said: “They were correct to do so. We have around 500,000 members working in manufacturing in this country. From food production to aerospace, chemicals to car manufacturing, our members make an essential contribution to communities across the nation.

“These jobs matter. They provide wages to support families, skills to strengthen communities and bring balance to our economy away from London and the south-east. Without them, regional inequality will soar - and as we know, when manufacturing jobs are lost, they don't come back. We now have under two weeks to stop a ruinous no deal Brexit and the destruction it will bring to our workplaces and communities.“

Back Unite in preventing this. There are three simple things you can do today.

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1. Watch and share this #NoDealNoWay video 

2. Contact your MP and tell them they must block no deal. It is easy to do - just enter your postcode under contact your MP below. 
3. Head over to the UniteBrexitCheck website to get up to date on your union's message

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Please email your MP to ask them to back the #NoDealNoWay campaign to take no deal off the table

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“In the coming weeks I hope to visit our manufacturing members to hear directly from you on Brexit. Please follow me on Twitter @SteveT_Unite for campaign updates. Rest assured, your union Unite will do everything in its power to protect you and your jobs.”

In solidarity

Steve Turner, Unite assistant general secretary