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NHS workers deserve a pay rise now

Our amazing NHS staff deserve a pay boost now, not in April 2021. Don’t make them wait a minute longer.

The government’s failure to include NHS staff in its pay rise pledge to public sector workers in ‘recognition of their help in tackling Covid-19’ is inexcusable. Worse was to come when later that same day the chancellor warned that more pay restraint - more austerity - is on the way for NHS workers.

Help NHS workers get the early pay rise they deserve. Email your MP – use the form below – ask them to support our calls for pay talks to start now. It’s time the prime minister and his chancellor stopped clapping and started paying.

With the NHS three-year pay deal nearing its end, Unite is working together with our sister health unions to put pressure on the government to provide the funding for a fair and early pay rise for all NHS staff– including the many domestics, catering workers, security guards and other support staff working for outsourced companies.

The joint unions, including Unite, the Royal College of Nursing, the Royal College of Midwives, GMB, UNISON and the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy have written to the prime minister and the chancellor calling for ‘pay talks to start soon so that you and your colleagues get a pay boost before the end of the year.’ You’ll keep you posted.

Please take a minute to write to your MP. Tell them what’s it’s been like to work during the worse health crisis in modern times and how you feel about not getting the pay rise recognition, despite all you and your colleagues have done. Demand that they support our calls for pay talks to start soon.

‘Shocked to the core’ and ‘disgusted’ is how one Unite member described learning that she and her colleagues were not part of the government’s public sector pay rise plans. How do you feel?

Your personal experiences are powerful, make sure to use them when writing to your MP.

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NHS workers deserve a pay rise

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