Robots taking out jobs? Living in the matrix? Of course not. Of course not, but tech is real and it is having an impact on your life.

Gatwick Airport is investing billions in tech and it will make a difference to how you work. Your role will change!

Nicolas Notebaert, CEO of VINCI has said “we are always projecting ourselves towards the future, and always thinking about what makes our airports unique in tomorrow’s digital world. When we identify, at one of our airports, innovative initiatives in terms of passenger experience or operational efficiency, we strive to deploy them across the entire network.”

Pricewaterhousecooper predict that 35% of jobs could be lost to automation by 2035 and that transport jobs are more vulnerable to automation in the longer term. That’s us!

The benefits of tech are massive, for our customers for the company but they should also be for us, the workers. Unite is seeking to engage with Gatwick Airport to discuss a technology agreement that will share the benefits across the entire work force, shorter, more flexible working week, longer holiday, better work/life balance.

The only thing that can prevent these technologies from wreaking havoc on jobs and communities is strong workplace organisation. In the 1980’s industrial change took place with the workers voice being silenced.

What can I do to help?

  • Download the posters in the resources section of this page and share with colleagues
  • Watch our videos about how new technology could affect your job here at Gatwick
  • Get involved - download the petition below and ask your colleagues to sign it to force your employer to sign the new technology agreement to protect jobs and wages.
  • Join us on Facebook at gatwicktalktech

Want to know more about how tech is having an impact at Gatwick? Watch this video. 

Hear what Chris Harris (Unite Representative, GAL Security) has to say about new tech and Unite’s campaign.