Don't let the Co-op gag our voice

Gagged by the Co-Op - Principles Before Profits

Unite is outraged at the decision to sell Co-op Insurance to a known union busting organisation, Markerstudy, a company which has no regard for the voice of its employees and is “a betrayal of the ethical philosophy and principles of the Co-operative movement.”

This proposed sale by the Manchester based Co-op Insurance will result in around 200 job losses, a reduction in the pension scheme and the de-recognition of Unite, the union that has represented members at the Co-op for decades.

Unite is campaigning against compulsory redundancies and the silencing of the remaining 800 employees. If this is allowed to continue the workers face cuts to pay and the good terms and condition which have been fought for by Unite members over many years.

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Co-op - Don't gag our voice