Unite is keeping construction workers safe during the crisis

Don’t let your employer put your health and safety at risk.

UK building sites are reopening.  Unite’s priority is to make sure your employer keeps you safe during the coronavirus crisis.

Call the hotline or email to report unsafe working and lack of social distancing on your site: 0207 622 2442 (open 9-5 Monday to Friday) Email construction@unitetheunion.org

WATCH: Jerry Swain, Unite national officer for construction:

Unite is clear that social distancing rules must be maintained for all workers on site. The new guidance which says that you can work within two metres of each other if necessary, but for no longer than 15 minutes at a time, is not safe. It's dangerous. 

Your employer’s duty to protect you during these unprecedented times needs to start as soon as you head off to work in the morning until you get home. You should not have to travel during peak hours, which is why Unite is calling for sites to open at 10:00.


  • If your employer is flouting social distancing rules, or you feel unsafe on site or getting to work and from work, please tell us about it. Use the form below. You can remain anonymous, but your stories will help us put pressure on employers and the government to make your workplace safer.
  • Join Unite: speak to your colleagues about why joining the union matters now more than ever.