In the 21st century women workers should be able to experience period dignity in the workplace.

There is no reason why construction should be any different, which is why Unite has launched a period dignity campaign specifically for the construction sector.

The campaign was initiated after Unite conducted an online survey of women members in the sector.

One of the major issues the survey identified was the lack of welfare facilities, particularly the need for clean toilets, the supply of feminine hygiene bins and sanitary and shower facilities.

One respondent to the survey gave a graphic account of her frustrations on trying to use a women’s toilet on a construction site.

She said: “Toilets for females are a basic requirement but are usually locked. You have to seek the key from someone so by the time you find the person, usually male, with the key and after asking several people, also usually male, half the site now know you want to use the loo and when you open the door it is usually being used as a storage facility.”

Unite’s Four Point Campaign:

1. Every site or depot has a designated female toilet, that is accessible, regularly cleaned and lockable

2. Hand-washing facilities, running water and soap are provided

3. Sanitary bins are provided and are cleaned and emptied regularly

4. Sanitary products are provided in a dispenser in a discreet location, free to workers.

How you can support Unite’s Period Dignity Campaign:

• Ask your employer to sign up

• Get the campaign raised at health and safety committee meeting

• Display the Period Dignity campaign poster at your workplace

• Sign and circulate the Unite petition

• Take pictures of workers supporting the Period Dignity campaign and circulate them on social media.

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