Toxic cabin air - time for cabin air safety

Cabin Air

Keep cabin crew safe

Unite’s cabin crew members have long-standing concerns about exposure to toxic cabin air - the effects of contaminated air they breathe on planes, and potential health problems. They say that each one of them will encounter a ‘fume event’ – exposure to toxic fumes from the aircraft engines – at some time during their career.

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Cabin Air Safety: Take two steps

1. Have you been exposed to a fume event on board?

Cabin crew members who have suffered a recognisable ‘fume event’ on board are being urged to register their details on Unite’s cabin air ‘fume event’ register or download the word version of our form and post it back. By completing the form you are not registering a claim.

2. If you've suffered symptoms consistent with exposure to toxic cabin air.

Please call our Legal Service helpline without delay on 03330 146569.

Unite is pursuing almost 100 legal cases over exposure to toxic cabin air on behalf of cabin crew members, and the number of cases is expected to grow.

In most modern aircraft unfiltered ‘bleed air’ from jet engines is used to supply the cabin, but due to design and in the event of an oil leak, fumes can make their way directly inside the aircraft cabin via the aircraft ventilation system. The only airliner not to use bleed air is the Boeing 787 Dreamliner. The union is calling on the airline industry to monitor cabin air and for an independent inquiry so that dangers can be fully assessed and investigated in an open forum.

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