Business is booming for Bentley yet they plan pension poverty for workers

Bentley Motors, the world class luxury car manufacturer, is seeking to rob its workers of their hard earned retirement income by closing the defined benefit pension scheme by January 2019.

The extraordinary people, who build these extraordinary cars, have helped to make this company the successful, wealthy global brand that it is today.

Yet Bentley is looking to penalise its loyal and dedicated workforce by backtracking on past pension promises. The pension paid by our members is deferred pay, money which Bentley’s workforce has worked hard for to provide decent income on retirement for themselves and their families.

Bentley’s plans to close the scheme could see a member in his 40s stand to lose between £5800 and £9000 per year from their retirement pot – dependent on their role.

Bentley’s UK workforce is world class - making over 10,000 handcrafted luxury cars a year at its factory in Crewe.

The proposals affect 1,200 of Bentley’s longest serving workers who are members of the Rolls Royce and Bentley pension fund.

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