Backing you at Fujitsu

Unite has membership throughout all the Fujitsu companies in the UK, as well as in the agencies Fujitsu uses and the companies doing subcontracting work.

Unite has a network of reps and contacts across most of the major sites. The list of these can be found here. You can read Unite’s main agreements with Fujitsu here.

Unite has a national protocol agreement with Fujitsu to encourage good industrial relations.  In the agreement, the companyacknowledges that Unite has the right to contact its employees and seek to recruit and involve them in the union ”, “that all its employees have the right to be union members and to take part in legitimate union activity” and commits the company to ensure “that union members do not suffer any detriment as a result of their membership or legitimate activity”.

Unite has its own portal on the Fujitsu intranet and a Unite@Fujitsu Facebook page and a @UniteFujitsu Twitter account. In addition, our Fujitsu North West branch has an internet site ( ) with a huge archive of Fujitsu-related news and campaign materials.

Unite is already recognised for collective bargaining in several parts of the company (the Manchester, RBS and Morrisons collective bargaining units) and where enough employees are joining the union we are working to extend this to new areas.

If you’re not already a Unite member, please join. If you join online, please also let the rep who acts as our membership secretary within Fujitsu know so that you can start receiving newsletters etc straight away. Alternatively, you can download, print off and return a membership form.