Defend Our Spend - Support UK Jobs

Defend jobs, skills, communities and security

Defend Our Spend - 50,000 defence jobs lost in 10 years Unite is proud to represent UK defence workers.

Our members are among the most productive and highest skilled in manufacturing, and the companies they work for provide the decent jobs this country desperately needs.

But we are concerned that decisions being made by politicians are not in the best interest of this world-class British industry.

That’s why led by our members, we have launched Unite’s campaign to “Defend Our Spend”.

Our aim is to persuade the UK government to keep UK defence spending in Britain.

With 50,000 skilled defence jobs lost in the last ten years, and major defence contracts looming, we are calling on the government to make the right decisions.

Defend Our Spend 12p in every £ goes to US defence jobs Already 12 pence in every pound goes to United States defence jobs – by 2020 this will double.

Unite wants that money spent here to support UK jobs.

Unite says: if the British taxpayer is paying for it, British jobs should benefit.

Back Unite and its fight to defend defence jobs, skills, communities and security – and the future of the UK’s defence sector.

Unite launches campaign for UK defence spend to support UK jobs 
Tens of thousands of skilled defence jobs are at risk from an ‘unpatriotic’ purchasing strategy that sees increasing amounts of UK defence expenditure flow to the US. 

Francis Tuse addresses the Unite Defence Conference 
At a conference for Unite members who work in the defence industry, industry analyst Francis Tusa. He raised the issue of how the UK government are increasingly spending more money off-shore, in particular in the USA where the defence spend is set to increase from 12% at the moment to over 25% in the next few years. This spend overseas will seriously undermine UK jobs, skills and communities. In addition it could have a serious negative impact on the UK's defence sovereignty.