Working people did not vote for attacks on their jobs, employment rights and living standards. That is why Unite is fighting for a Brexit that works for all. The message from Unite is: The UK deserves a better deal’.

Unite's Brexit tests

At Unite's policy conference members voted to support a series of tests against which any Brexit deal will be judged. Unite will only support a Brexit deal which meets these tests:

  • Will it deliver the 'exact same benefits' as the Single Market and Customs Union
  • Does it protect working rights and social and environmental protections that are currently based in EU law
  • Does it avoid a hard border on the island of Ireland and a sea border between Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK
  • Does it grant an immediate and guaranteed right to remain for European citizens in the UK and their dependents
  • Does it retain membership of beneficial European-level institutions and regulatory bodies that are vital to industry

What you can do - Theresa May's #Brexit deal does not deliver

  • Email your MP and ask them to #VoteItDown via the Unite for a better deal website
  • Unite has set out a series of steps members can take to respond to Brexit at work, see Unite's Brexit Check website.
  • You can also use #BrexitCheck to contact Unite's dedicated Brexit team if your employer is using Brexit to attack your terms and conditions like blaming Brexit when withholding holiday pay or trying to justify job cuts
  • Make sure your voice is heard - contact your MP and call for a Brexit that meets Unite's tests - find out more from the Unite for a better deal website.